Many landlords want more that just a letting agent. They need someone who can take on their responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that their property is in the hands of expert managers. They need to be sure that the ever increasing expectations of tenants are being met, not just in office hours but with full provision for emergencies, whenever they may occur.

At James Chiltern we can provide a dedicated manager for your property, who will work hard to get to know your property inside out. They are on hand to assist with pre-tenancy preparation, day to day management, and ongoing safety checks to ensure the property is compliant with the required statutory regulations and experienced at resolving more complex issues. We know the quality and reliability of contractors and craftsmen needed for the maintenance of your investment. Equally, we can plan future improvements and returns with you.

Property ownership can be a real worry so communication is essential. That’s why we take a proactive approach, with regular inspections and written reports. It’s all part of the service, like dealing with notices and advising on the legal aspects of tenancies.