• No setup fees
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Legal Costs Covered
  • Gas Safety Certificate for £45
  • Energy Performance Certficate for £45

Does your estate agent guarantee rent even if the tenant fails to pay? Have you been a victim of rent loss in the past?

Look no further…

You receive your rent on time even if the tenant fails to pay rent*. We carry out legal proceedings** against the tenant(s) to collect rent arrears and/or serve correct notices to cease tenancy and/or evict the tenant from your property.

This package is available at no extra cost to the landlord.

* = Upto max. £15k subject to terms & conditions
** = Legal costs upto max. £25k subject to terms & conditions
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What is Offered in our Guaranteed Rent Service?

All services offered within our Full Management Package are available in addition to those available within Guaranteed Rent.

How Does This Work?

James Chiltern will open a “Rent Guarantee and Legal Expense Insurance” on your behalf to cover any rent arrears and legal costs. The insurance will be through RentGuard.

Almost all tenants – whether working or on housing benefits – are covered under this insurance scheme. (subject to terms & conditions)

When a tenant fails to pay rent, James Chiltern will notify them within first 7 days of non-payment of rent. We will also send them a reminder. We will contact the insurance company and recover the rent to pay you quickly. The insurance company will take care of legal proceedings if any.

To be eligible under this scheme necessary paperwork required will be collected from all tenants and sufficient reference checks will be conducted by James Chiltern prior to letting the property.

Can Current Landlords Avail This Service?

Yes. We are able to offer this service to our current landlords subject to James Chiltern’s terms & conditions. Please call us directly on 0208 681 8133 to discuss various options.